Positive Material Identification Service

Willowchem Technology Ireland Limited are now offering a new service called Positive Material Identification Service (PMI Service) both inhouse at our premises in Ballyhea and onsite.

Positive Material Identification is a very quick and non intrusive way of identifying the grade of material.  PMI uses x-ray diffraction to identify the elements present in a specific material and the percentage amount of each element present.  This results in a quick and easy analysis of the material grade.

Therefore, if you are unsure of the material you have in your plant & machinery or equipment, then our trained inspector engineers can carry out this test to identify what material you are working with.

The PMI Unit is placed in contact with the material to be identified.  The x rays are beamed in to the material and the analyser in the unit identifies the material.

If replacement parts for a machine are required but the material type is unknown then this quick and non-destructive inspection method is ideal.

All components of a piece of equipment can be identified quickly and easily with PMI.  The only requirement is that the item to be identified is clean and free of dirt and grease which will affect the accuracy of the measurement.

PMI can be also used on hot surfaces therefore the plant or item in question does not have to be switched off for the analysis to be carried out.  This is ideal where items have to be identified prior to a plant shutdown so that replacement materials of the correct grade can be made available.

Full certification and documentation will be provided by Willowchem Technology (Ireland) Limited for work completed.