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Willowchem Technology Limited in co-operation with our partners and associates offer stainless steel products and services including fabrications and sub assemblies, subcontract mechanical, chemical and electrochemical surface finishing, advice and consultancy.

In order to keep up with technology and present methods of sourcing products and services, this website has been designed to enable the user to download most pages as company literature in a fast a convenient manner. For the latest news and info about Willowchem Ireland please visit our News page


Surface Finishing Products

Willowchem Technology Limited alone offer a wide range of products including, Cleaning & Degreasing Products, Pickling & Descaling Products, Electropolishing & Anodic Etch Products, Post Treatment & Passivation Products.

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Advice & Consultation

Willowchem Technology Limited Advice & Consultation, on Stainless Steel Surface Finishing Products, Surface Finishing Equipment. The initial concept of Willowchem Technology was to include partners within associated industries throughout the world to compliment our range of Services.


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