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About Willowchem

As with Willowchem Technology (UK)  Limited, the Irish company was established  to meet the demands of a diversified market. Offering a wide range of products and services coordinated throughout a network of partners and associates throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and overseas. Through our company and network, we have an enormous amount of expertise and technology from all over the globe.

Our aim is to satisfy our customer needs within the time required to combat today’s current fast moving market place. Sales of products and services in present markets is a very demanding a costly process. Therefore information technology, research, quality products, advice and communication is the key to retaining customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to repeat orders and a successful ongoing business.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none and continuous communications with our associates and partners keep us ahead of our understanding of materials, present manufacturing and surface finishing techniques and current market trends.

Willowchem Technology Limited alone offer a wide range of services and products in our home market within Europe including:-

Advice & Consultation

Stainless Steel Surface Finishing Products Surface Finishing Equipment

Positive Material Identification Service

The initial concept of Willowchem Technology was to include partners within associated industries throughout the world to compliment our range of services.

Our business partners activities include:-

Supply of Fabrications & Sub Assemblies
Sub-Contract Mechanical Surface Finishing
Sub-Contract Chemical & Electrochemical Surface Finishing

Our associates, partners and distributors are listed under the links above and demonstrate methods of obtaining quality services and products, sourced and managed competently. We all understand that communication with our customers is the key to providing and strengthening business relationships that benefit us all.

Willowchem Technology Limited and our associates supply an enormous range of industries which include:-

Pharmaceutical & Biochemical
Medical & Surgical
Semi-Conductor & High Vacuum
Filtration & Liquid Conveyance
Automotive & Marine
Food & Catering
Paper, Pulp & Recycling Technology
Architectural & Civil Applications
Jewellery & House wares