Additional Services

Advice & Consultation

Willowchem Technologies offer advice and consultation on the finishing of stainless steel wherever and whenever its required. Throughout our network,  our intention is to have representation throughout all parts of the globe.

Plant & Equipment

photo 4             photo 2In house Passivation System 002             In House Passivation System 2 003

Manual 4,000 litre pickling and electropolishing installation fully supplied, installed and commissioned by Willowchem partners in 2006 and filled with Willowchem 81 Inhibited pickling solution and Willowchem 90 electropolishing electrolyte. The plant is capable of immersing components up to 2000 x 1800 x 1400 mm and has 2 x 2000 kg over hoists.

Stainless Steel Fabrications & Sub Assemblies

Willowchem Technologies partnerships with both our associates and customers enable us to offer high quality stainless steel fabrications and subassemblies throughout Europe at most competitive rates.

Trolley                DSCF0026

Racks 003                Image021a - Platform Access Stairs

Typical clean room trolleys and furniture available from Willowchem Technology partners